Kansas Secretary of State Recruiting Young Poll Workers

Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab wants to recruit people as young as 16 to volunteer as poll workers in the November election because he is concerned about a second wave of coronavirus infections that could hit in the fall.

Schwab told The Topeka Capital-Journal that young people are generally less likely than older workers to become ill with COVID-19, and are more comfortable with technology needed to check voters.

While he expects the rate of confirmed new cases to drop in time for the August primary, Schwab said he is concerned that a second wave of the virus could hit the state around the time of the November general election.

County clerks are being urged to send mail-in ballots to every registered voter in an effort to reduce lines at polling sites.

The costs of increased mail-in ballots will be covered by federal aid, Schwab said.

Other funds will be used to buy gloves, masks, and sanitizer for poll workers.