2 arrested after coughing on people in Newton Walmart, claiming they have coronavirus

A pair of people have been arrested in Newton for coughing on people, and claiming to be COVID-19 positive.

Newton police say they were not notified at the time, but began an investigation when they saw the events unfold on social media.

They say that suspects Hazel Hamrick, 29, and Ernest Williams, 47, both of Hesston, have been arrested on a felony charge of criminal threat and misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.  They’ve been booked into Harvey County Jail.

Both subjects admitted to walking around the Newton Walmart with Williams coughing on people while Hamrick verbalized that Williams had the coronavirus.

They both indicated they don’t take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously, and thought it would be funny.

The Harvey County Attorney’s Office has indicated they will aggressively pursue prosecution of the two individuals, including other potential criminal charges.

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