2019 Kansas Wheat Harvest Report Day 4

This is day 4 of the Kansas Wheat Harvest Reports, brought to you by the Kansas Wheat Commission, Kansas Association of Wheat Growers and the Kansas Grain and Feed Association.

According to the USDA/NASS crop progress and condition report for the week ending June 30, only 28% of Kansas winter wheat has been harvested, well behind 68% last year and 61% for the five-year average. Winter wheat condition rated 4 percent very poor, 12 poor, 29 fair, 41 good and 14 excellent. Winter wheat coloring was 98 percent. Mature was 76 percent, behind 95 last year.

Mike Schloctermeier, of Meade Coop Elevator & Supply Co., reports that since starting harvest on June 20, they have seen exceptional results.

“Having dry weather this last week, harvest has really picked up the last 5 or 6 days,” says Schloctermeier. He reported that this is some of the best wheat his guys have seen out in the field, with yields ranging from 65-80. Proteins have been all over the place, ranging from 9 to low 11, but still they are pleased with the results. While they have been running about 10 days behind normal harvest, they are still happy to be harvesting quality wheat this year.

Lyle Friesen with Friesen Harvesting reports that they started harvesting in Oklahoma on June 4 and will continue all the way through harvest in Montana. They have seen yields of 50 to 80 bushels per acre in Kansas, where they are harvesting between Meade and Plains. Test weights have ranged from 60 to 64, and proteins are 10-12%. The area has seen 14 inches of rain since May. While he reports they are harvesting more acres this year than last year, last year was their lowest acres since they started in 1949. The varieties they are harvesting this year are Grainfield and Winterhawk, which have been performing pretty well.

Calvin Williamson, who farms in the Ensign area, reports that his yields are averaging about 80 bushels per acre. He had one field that had hail damage, and with empty heads, it was averaging in the 30s. He reports that a field near Minneola normally yields under 30, but yielded 65 bushels per acre this year. They started harvest on June 26 and plan to be finished with their 2,200 acres by July 6. Test weights have been excellent at 63 pounds, and he reports protein is averaging 12%.

Daren Fischer, of Golden Belt Coop Assn. Inc, in Ellis County, has been seeing the brighter days of wheat harvest this year. Their test weights are excellent, and moisture has been rather solid at 11-12. They are very pleased with the wheat they are seeing. While they did have a few acres hailed out, they are finding the silver lining of the good quality wheat that they are bringing in.

Nicole Harrison, farmer and agronomist with Rezac Land and Livestock in Pottawatomie County, reports that the variety Zenda has been performing well for them this year. Their yields have been ranging from 40 to 60 bushels per acre, which is slightly better than average for their area, especially considering they grazed their wheat. Test weights are ranging from 58-60, and proteins have been excellent, ranging from 11.8 to 13.8%. They started wheat harvest on June 28 and are rushing to get finished so they can bale the straw and get their double crop soybeans planted before July 4.

The 2019 Harvest Report is brought to you by the Kansas Wheat Commission, Kansas Association of Wheat Growers and the Kansas Grain and Feed Association. To follow along with harvest updates on Twitter, use #wheatharvest19.


Source and Photo Courtesy of Kansas Wheat