2021 Commodity Classic Will Go Digital

It will not be a repeat trip to San Antonio for the nation’s commodity leaders this March. Organizers of the 2021 Commodity Classic have announced the annual gathering of commodity groups and hundreds of trade show vendors will transition to a digital format. Co-chairs Anthony Bush of Ohio and Brad Doyle of Arkansas say that the move comes with the health and safety of farmers and exhibitors in mind. They note that continued restrictions surrounding coronavirus will limit the ability to conduct the trade show, education sessions, and farmer networking, each of which they say are hallmarks of the classic. The move digital does mean that farmers who might never have attended Commodity Classic may now be able to take part digitally without leaving their farms.

Organizers plan for the digital Commodity Classic to take place the first week of March and will post updates on the classic’s website. The next in-person classic is scheduled for March 2022 in New Orleans.