As we head toward Halloween, gas pump prices are a treat for motorists across the country and in Kansas.

“The national gas price average dropped by four cents on the week to $2.60,” said Shawn Steward with AAA Kansas. “The same is true in Kansas. Here in the Sunflower State, we’re at $2.35 a gallon, which is one cent cheaper than we were last week. We’re down 7 cents from where we were a month ago and a whole 27 cents from a year ago.”

Kansas is the 11th least expensive state for gas this week.

“In general, when we start seeing winter weather, there will be fewer people out on the roads,” said Steward. “A lot of people just decide to avoid the hassle of snow and ice and especially, a lot of older
people just don’t like to get out in the cold.”

It does impact demand, but since it hasn’t really hit yet, it remains to be seen if it will change prices in the coming weeks.

“Utilization rates of those refineries actually increased in the last week, allowing more production,” said Steward. “As those refineries come back online, that can mean further declines in the national gas
price, as well.”

Barring any international effects on crude oil prices, domestic work seems to suggest that prices could still continue downward from here in the coming weeks.