AAA Advises: Move Over in Kansas; It’s the Law

For those traveling on Kansas roads for the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s important to be courteous to those who are on the side of the road for whatever reason.

“We’re talking about tow truck drivers, law enforcement, there may not be a lot of construction workers working during the holiday week,” said Shawn Steward with AAA Kansas. “Anytime you see someone pulled over with their flashing lights on, it’s actually the law in Kansas and all 49 other states that you should slow down if you can’t move over. If there’s an extra lane there, you’re required by law to move over.”

Working alongside an active highway is inherently dangerous.

“People are out there risking their lives every day to assist people and to make the roads better,” said Steward. “We want to make sure that those people get home to their families, as well. It’s a big issue.”

There have been some rather high-profile wrecks involving Kansas Department of Transportation employees in recent years, but it’s also an issue for those who are just trying to help stranded motorists.

“Nationally, an average of 23 tow truck operators are killed at the roadside every year,” said Steward. “One service provider, on average is killed at the roadside every other week. Those are numbers that we don’t want to see.”

If motorists are cited for violating the Move Over statute in Kansas, they will face a $75 fine plus court costs.