Gas prices in Kansas are going in a positive direction for drivers as we get deeper into December.

“We’re now at $2.28 a gallon on average across the Sunflower State,” said Shawn Steward with AAA Kansas. “That’s 29 cents less than the national average and Kansas currently comes in at 9th cheapest in America.”

The fundamentals behind the price have stayed strong since October.

“Gasoline demand has mostly decreased, as gasoline stocks have mostly increased,” said Steward. “Those two points together have paved the way for cheaper gas prices. AAA expects stocks to continue to grow and drive prices even cheaper through the end of the year.”

It’s awfully difficult to predict much farther than that, though, because of global uncertainty.

“We’re continuing to monitor the U.S. trade talks with China and the impact that will have on crude oil demand and crude oil prices,” said Steward. “Last week, crude oil prices rose a little bit after reports emerged that OPEC and its partners agreed to further cuts in their production.”

Because of how much control OPEC still exerts over supply, it’s likely that prices could bounce back up in the second half of 2020 failing any other movement.