Abortion Numbers Rise in Kansas

The number of abortions performed in Kansas increased by 9.1% last year, largely because more women traveled from other states than in 2019.

The state Department of Health and Environment reports that 7,542 abortions were performed in 2020, an increase of 626 from 2019.

Advocates on both side of the issue say that much of that increase likely occurred because governors in Oklahoma and Texas sought to ban most abortions last spring, prompting women from those states to travel to Kansas.

Women and girls from Oklahoma and Texas had 566 abortions in Kansas in 2020, up from 110 in 2019.

The Kansas health department said nearly 52% of abortions were for patients from outside the state.

A significant percentage of Kansas abortions historically have been performed for Missouri patients, particularly in the Kansas City area.

In 2020, the number was 3,201 or 42% of the total.