Activities For All At Farm Store’s Saturday Model Horse Fun Day

 A model horse is the next best thing to owning a live horse.

“Breyer’s model horses have been the iconic American toy since the 1950s. Breyer horses are realistic, authentic model horses,” according to Kathleen Fallon, at Reeves International, Pequannock, New Jersey, the Breyer manufacturer.

“There’ll be a full slate of activities during the annual Breyer Fun Day, Saturday, May 11, at Bluestem Farm & Ranch Supply in Emporia,” welcomed Bruce Burenheide, store official.

Angela Blankley, Emporia, is proud of her black and white tobiano Gypsy Vanner mare Snow White. They’ll be at Bluestem Farm & Ranch Supply in Emporia for the Breyer Fun Day, Saturday, May 11.

“From 9 o’clock, until 1 o’clock, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about horses and model horses, too,” Burenheide insisted.

“Breyer now specializes in model horses made from cellulose acetate, a form of plastic, and also produces other animal models from the same material,” Fallon said.

One of the largest selections of Breyer models is available at Bluestem when the store hosts the Breyer Fun Day.

“There will be wide array of activities including drawings for many prizes,” Burenheide said. “Bring your friends and create your own model horse.”

Blankley Gypsy Vanner Horses and the Shooting Star Equine Rescue with Duni the painting horse will be there.

Horse conversation isn’t always decipherable for human handlers, but Maleficent the Gypsy Vanner and Pal O’Mine the Breyer mascot know. There’s sure to be plenty of secrets when they get together at Bluestem Farm & Ranch Supply in Emporia for the Breyer Fun Day, Saturday, May 11.

All eyes turn her way instantly whenever Angela Blankley takes her horses anywhere. “These are Gypsy Vanner Horses, so beautiful,” the Emporia horsewoman explained.

“They’re relatively new to the United States,” Blankley said. “Originating in the British Isles, Gypsy Vanners have only been in this country since the early ’80s.”

Initially seeing the horses in a movie, Blankley searched information about the Gypsy Vanner breed. After nearly three years looking, Blankley acquired a pair of her own Gypsy Vanner mares from Gypsy Park, LLC, in Kansas City.  .

Snow White is a black and white tobiano, and Maleficent is all-black with a bald face. “They took right to training and ride like rocking chairs,” Blankley said.

“Gypsy Vanners are small draft horses, only about 15-hands, with long manes and tails. There is heavy feathering on the fetlocks,” Blankley described. “While the horses can be any color, tobiano paint is the most common.”

Frequently used to pull caravan wagons in Europe, Gypsy Vanners are very athletic all-around horses, “do about anything,” according to Blankley. Dressage, jumping, riding and driving are common repertoire.

“The best thing of all is the Gypsy Vanners are real gentle, quiet. They don’t get too excited about anything,” Blankley insisted.

“When horses are all you dream about, there’ll be something for you at Bluestem’s Breyer Fun Day, May 11,” Burenheide invited.