Ad Council continuing AdoptUSKids campaign

It’s common to look forward to the milestones associated with raising a child from birth, but many often don’t think about the rewards that come with raising a teen. This new campaign, featuring actual adoptive families, advocates for often-overlooked teens in foster care by inspiring prospective parents to consider adopting a teen.

“We know that there are families out there that hopefully will be encouraged and inspired by our campaign to get started in the process, to explore adopting a teen from the foster care system,” said Kamilah Bunn, CEO with the Adoption Exchange Association. “Across the country, there are more than 123,000 children in foster care. One in five of them are teens who are waiting to be adopted.”

Teens have lower adoption rates than younger children and they often wait longer to be adopted.

“A great way to get started in the process is to visit our website, which is,” said Bunn. “There, you can find more information, also, you can virtually meet some of the children who are right now waiting in Kansas and across the country to be adopted.”

Now celebrating its fifteenth year, the successful campaign’s “You Can’t Imagine the Reward” approach uses actual stories to reveal the bonds that bring a family together and showcases some of the many fulfilling moments that make teen adoption so rewarding.

“I care about this deeply, because I care about making sure that every child has a family,” said Bunn. “We know how important it is. Any one of us can imagine, or actually probably can’t imagine life without a parent or a meaningful important person in our life, a support system around you.”

Since 2003, more than 32,000 children who were once photolisted on have been placed with adoptive families.