Additional DCF benefits due to delay start

The State has announced an additional benefit in September for those receiving child care assistance to support families as they adapt to delayed school openings across the state.

With many school districts delaying the start of school, that means some families are needing child care when the children would usually be in school.

The Department for Children and Families is supplementing September child care plans to equal the benefit issued in August.

In a typical year, the benefit would be reduced in September to account for children being in school.

Those families eligible for the extra benefit include those with existing child care plans with DCF that have school-aged children.

Additionally, families who apply by September 30th also will receive these additional September benefits, pro-rated based on the date of application.

DCF also is expanding eligibility criteria for its Hero Relief Program.

The program expands DCF’s child care assistance subsidies for families by making them available to essential workers who financially qualify.

Effective immediately, school personnel will be added to the list of eligible workers.