Advance Voting Sets Records

People around the state are voting early – either by mail or in person – and in higher numbers than ever.

The Kansas Secretary of State’s office says that almost 483,000 ballots have been mailed to voters.

At this time during the last Presidential election year, the number was about 164,000.

The overall mailed ballot return rate now stands at about nine-and-a-half percent.

In-person voting is also up, though not as significantly.

So far, over 31,000 people have voted in person, compared to about 29,000 four years ago.

Party differences show up in comparing mail ballot requests versus in-person voting.

While Democratic voters requested about 42,000 more mail ballots than Republicans, Republicans double the number of Democrats who have voted in person.

Combining returned mail ballots and in-person votes, about 34,500 Democrats have voted, 32,500 Republicans, 10,000 unaffiliated voters, and 350 Libertarians.

The last day to apply for an advance mail-in ballot is October 27th.