All-League Football Honors Announced

The Centennial League and the United Kansas Conference have released their postseason All-League football teams.

In the Centennial League, Topeka High senior running back Ky Thomas was named the offensive player of the year after a season that saw him eclipse 3,000 rushing yards and become the second all-time leading rusher in Kansas state history. He was joined by six of his teammates and two other city players on the first team.

Three Shawnee Heights Thunderbirds were named first team All-Conference in the UKC, with senior lineman Reid Holthaus honored on both offense and defense.

Below are the All-League teams, with city players in bold.


Offensive Player of the Year: Ky Thomas, Topeka High-Sr.
Defensive Player of the Year: Damien Ilalio, Manhattan-Jr.
Coach of the Year: Randall Zimmerman, Junction City

First Team:
Andrew Khoury, Junction City-Jr. QB
Ky Thomas, Topeka High-Sr. RB
Russell Wilkey, Junction City-Jr. RB
BJ Young, Manhattan-Sr. RB
Drayton Foster, Seaman-Sr. TE
Qua’Vez Humphries, Junction City-Sr. WR
Geivonnii Williams, Topeka High-Jr. WR
Riley Wagner, Emporia-Sr. C
Myles Wright, Topeka High-Jr. G
Cade Wilson, Manhattan-Jr. G
Hayden Pauls, Emporia-Sr. T
Sam Shields, Manhattan-Sr. T

Damien Ilalio, Manhattan-Jr. DL
Riley Wagner, Emporia- Sr. DL
D’Angelo Jordan, Topeka High-Sr. DL
Terrance Crumpton, Junction City-Sr. DL
Uciph McDaniel, Topeka High-Sr. LB
Tyce Hoover, Manhattan-Sr. LB
JP Deeter, Topeka High-So. LB
Chandler Marks, Manhattan-Sr. LB
Beau Baumgardner, Emporia-Sr. DB
Janus Gilbert, Topeka High-Sr. DB
Geivonnii Williams, Topeka High-Jr. DB
Joey Blakesley, Washburn Rural-Sr. DB

Grant Snowden, Manhattan-So. K
Joey Blakesley, Washburn Rural-Sr. P
Joel Nieves, Junction City-Sr. Returner

Second Team:

Dane Aschenbrenner, Manhattan-Jr. QB
Beau Baumgardner, Emporia-Sr. RB
Jaylen Carter, Washburn Rural-Sr. RB
DJ Giddens, Junction City-Jr. RB
Charles Snyder, Emporia-Jr. TE
Ethan Alcorn, Junction City-Sr. WR
Jamavian Green, Washburn Rural-Sr. WR
Caleb Miller, Junction City-Sr. C
Johnny Castanon, Emporia-Sr. G
Dawson Alesna, Manhattan-Jr. G
Ben Bolte, Manhattan-Sr. T
E’Monte Neal, Topeka High-Sr. T

Darius O’Connell, Manhattan-Jr. DL
Drayton Foster, Seaman-Sr. DL
DeAndre Durall, Topeka West-Sr. DL
Daniel Galindo, Emporia-Sr. DL
Drake McCall, Washburn Rural-Sr. LB
Albert Caba, Junction City-Sr. LB
Brayden Vawter, Seaman-Sr. LB
Joseph Randles, Topeka West-Sr. LB
Kazerick Smith, Junction City-Sr. LB
Donyel Evans, Topeka High-Sr. DB
Jacob Hirschey, Manhattan-Sr. DB
Nathaniel Hanson, Manhattan-Sr. DB
Dominic Berry, Topeka High-Sr. DB

Eli Holloman, Topeka High-Sr. K
Nathan Zeferjahn, Seaman-Jr. P
Kadyn Williams, Emporia-So. P
Geivonnii Williams, Topeka High-Jr. Returner

Honorable Mention:

Da’Vonshai Harden, Topeka High-Sr. QB
Tre Prosper, Highland Park-Jr. QB
John Miller, Emporia-Sr. QB
Tyler Higgins, Manhattan-Sr. TE
Drew Bortz, Washburn Rural-Sr. TE
Luke Hughes, Junction City-Sr. TE
Jordan Zahn, Seaman-Jr. WR
Kaden Smith, Topeka High-Sr. WR
Austin Parker, Manhattan-Sr. WR
Jeremy Kendrick, Highland Park-Jr. WR
Cortez Sanders, Washburn Rural-Sr. WR
Jaden Magana, Manhattan-Jr. C
Jeff Moore, Topeka High-Jr. C
Kort Mattison, Washburn Rural-Sr. G
Abraham Lemus, Emporia-Sr. G
Ewan Mills, Seaman-Jr. T
Uriel Soria, Washburn Rural-Jr. T
Whitney Hall, Emporia-Sr. T
Jacob Haid, Seaman-Sr. T

Charles Snyder, Emporia-Jr. DL
Eric Schnurr, Washburn Rural-Jr. DL
Kort Mattison, Washburn Rural-Sr. DL
Troy James, Topeka High-Sr. DL
Whitney Hall, Emporia-Sr. DL
Jordan Kratochvil, Topeka High-Sr. DL
Cade Kohlmeier, Emporia-Sr. LB
Sadiki Smith, Junction City-Jr. LB
Mason Price, Seaman-Sr. LB
Andrew Wendling, Emporia-Sr. LB
Tylan Alejos, Topeka High-So. LB
Connor Hoyt, Emporia-Sr. DB
Zane Thornton, Junction City-Sr. DB
Dylan Wells, Topeka West-Sr. DB
Javon George, Junction City-Jr. DB
Michael Doiel, Manhattan-Sr. DB
Jordan Irby, Junction City-Jr. DB
Skyler Beatty, Emporia-Sr. DB
Michael McCartney, Washburn Rural-Sr. DB

Ike Prengel, Seaman-Jr. K
Connor Hoyt, Emporia-Sr. K
Dayne Aschenbrenner, Manhattan-Jr. P
Andrew Khoury, Junction City-Jr. P
Jaylen Carter, Washburn Rural-Sr. Returner
Jordan Zahn, Seaman-Jr. Returner


Offensive Player of the Year: Jackson Miller, De Soto, Quarterback
Defensive Player of the Year: Luke Barger, De Soto, Linebacker
Coach of the Year: Brian King, De Soto

First Team:
Cion Harris – Senior Basehor-Linwood Offensive Line
Chase Torkelson – Senior Basehor-Linwood Quarterback
Ethan Huber – Junior Basehor-Linwood Wide Receiver
Jarred Peterson – Senior De Soto Offensive Line
Logan Newsom – Senior De Soto Offensive Line
Tyson Priddy – Junior De Soto Running Back
Reece Thomas – Senior Lansing All Purpose
Drew French – Junior Lansing Offensive Line
Brock Brown – Senior Lansing Tight End
Malik Benson – Junior Lansing Wide Receiver
Reece Williams – Senior Leavenworth Tight End
Reid Holthaus – Senior Shawnee Heights Offensive Line
Davion Gardenhire – Senior Shawnee Heights Running Back

Adam Peterson – Junior Basehor-Linwood Defensive Back
Junior Tatum – Senior Basehor-Linwood Defensive Back
Josh Willcutt – Senior Basehor-Linwood Defensive Lineman
Dallas Williams – Senior De Soto Defensive Back
Zach Willis – Junior De Soto Defensive Back
Jonah Reynolds – Senior De Soto Defensive Lineman
Lucas Nascimento – Senior De Soto Linebacker
Luke Barger – Senior De Soto Linebacker
Brock Brown – Senior Lansing Defensive Lineman
Dylan Ward – Junior Lansing Linebacker
Reid Holthaus – Senior Shawnee Heights Defensive Lineman
Timirance Adams – Senior Shawnee Heights Linebacker

Nate Parkison – Senior Basehor-Linwood Kicker
Dallas Williams – Senior De Soto Punter
Malik Benson – Junior Lansing Returner

Second Team:
Levi Cooley – Freshman Basehor-Linwood Offensive Line
Tyler Schultze – Sophomore De Soto All Purpose
Zach Bergeron – Senior De Soto Offensive Line
Jackson Miller – Junior De Soto Quarterback
Garrett Kellner – Junior De Soto Running Back
Jake Rosen – Senior De Soto Wide Receiver
Derrick Robinson, Jr. – Senior Lansing Running Back
Anthony Garcia – Senior Leavenworth Offensive Line
Jayson Zuperku – Senior Shawnee Heights Offensive Line
Brayden Zirkle – Junior Shawnee Heights Wide Receiver
Joseph Castle – Senior Turner Offensive Line

Mason Capper – Senior Basehor-Linwood Defensive Lineman
Aidan Ingram – Sophomore Basehor-Linwood Linebacker
Luke Jennings – Senior Basehor-Linwood Linebacker
Shane Watts – Senior De Soto Defensive Back
Mason Ericson – Senior De Soto Defensive Lineman
Conor Baker – Senior Lansing Defensive Lineman
O’Ryan Roberson – Senior Leavenworth Defensive Back
Tyler Robinson – Senior Leavenworth Defensive Lineman
Jalen Florence – Senior Shawnee Heights Defensive Back
Ray Mendoza – Senior Shawnee Heights Defensive Back
Chase Eklund – Senior Shawnee Heights Linebacker
Luke Green – Senior Turner Linebacker

Eli Gratz – Senior De Soto Kicker
Manuel Salamanca – Junior Shawnee Heights Punter
Davion Gardenhire – Senior Shawnee Heights Returner

Honorable Mention:
A.J. Cooper – Senior Basehor-Linwood Wide Receiver
Connor Younger – Senior Basehor-Linwood Wide Receiver
Jordan Brown – Sophomore Basehor-Linwood Wide Receiver
Blaine Church – Junior De Soto Offensive Line
Carson Zitlow – Junior De Soto Offensive Line
Hayden Henderson – Junior De Soto Wide Receiver
Luke Schneider – Senior Lansing Quarterback
Alix Griese – Junior Leavenworth Offensive Line
JoVaughn Darthard – Senior Leavenworth Quarterback
Keenan Brown – Junior Leavenworth Running Back
Devin Whitworth – Senior Leavenworth Wide Receiver
Kale Stahl – Senior Shawnee Heights Offensive Line
Antonio Ruiz – Senior Shawnee Heights Running Back
Josh Burnett – Senior Turner Offensive Line

Austin Rosetta – Junior De Soto Defensive Back
Mason Parrish – Senior De Soto Linebacker
Tiger Smiley – Senior De Soto Linebacker
Richie Patrick – Sophomore Lansing Defensive Back
Caden Crawford – Sophomore Lansing Linebacker
Nathan Waugh – Junior Leavenworth Defensive Back
James Roberts – Senior Leavenworth Defensive Lineman
Dante Smith – Senior Leavenworth Linebacker
Kaleb Vaughn – Senior Leavenworth Linebacker
Dawson Durkes – Senior Shawnee Heights Defensive Back
Ziwaun White – Junior Shawnee Heights Defensive Lineman
JT Tetuan – Senior Shawnee Heights Linebacker

Charlie Plessl Senior Lansing Kicker