Another Scam Pops Up – This One for Amazon

It seems that every day brings word of a new scam going on.

This latest scam involves Amazon. Here’s how it works.

You receive a very authentic-looking email from Amazon, saying that there is a problem with a recent order.

Right there in the email, there’s a button to push so that you can correct the mix-up.

Pressing the button takes you to what appears to be an Amazon website.

You’re asked to fill in your name, address, and credit card information so they can process the order correctly.

The problem is, of course, the email wasn’t really from Amazon, and the webpage that button took you to – the one where you just put in all your information – wasn’t really an Amazon page.

Amazon says that the best way to check on your order is to go to their page on your own, log into your account, and check from there.