AP Poll: Breaking Down the Kansas Vote

Who was voting, and who did they vote for? The Associated Press has released the AP VoteCast, a nationwide survey including 1,445 voters and 282 nonvoters in Kansas.

In the race for U.S. Senate, voters under 45 were split between Roger Marshall and Barbara Bollier.

Marshall had an advantage among older voters.

Marshall had an advantage over Bollier among voters without a college degree.

The two were roughly even among college-educated voters.

Voters in small towns and rural areas were more likely to prefer Marshall over Bollier, while Bollier had an apparent advantage among suburban voters.

Voters in cities were divided.

Thirty-eight percent said COVID-19 is the most important issue facing the country today.

Voters also considered the economy a major issue, with 31% saying it ranked at the top.

Eight percent named health care, 5% named abortion and 5% named racism.

77% of non-voters were younger than 45, and 84% did not have a college degree.