Apply Kansas trying to get seniors ready for after high school

It’s important for high school seniors to keep their options open when it comes to what happens after graduation. That’s why Apply Kansas: College Application Month is an initiative of the Kansas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers.

“What it’s about is working with and trying to get time with our high schools across the state of Kansas, to set aside some dedicated time, during the school day, where we’ve got a captive, engaged audience of high school seniors to work them through that college application process,” said April Cozine, State Coordinator for Apply Kansas.

With the advent of technology and the rising cost of higher education, it’s important that students know what’s next.

“Let’s face it, for a lot of us, that process has changed a lot since we’d gone to school,” said Cozine. “It’s really about getting students to think about options beyond high school. A high school diploma really isn’t going to meet that student’s needs to provide for themselves and for our workforce here in Kansas in the future.”

Much more of the picture is available earlier in the school year thanks to changes in the Free Application for Federal Student Aid process.

“It starts on October 1st as well,” said Cozine. “This is a recent change over the last few years. It’s really exciting that we can connect the college application and the financial aid process more closely together in terms of timeline and help students get through that earlier in their senior year so they can start making some good decisions for themselves about what to do.”

The goal of Apply Kansas is to ensure that 60 percent of Kansas residents have a college degree or credential by 2020.