Armored Car Company Sues Federal Government Over Kansas Seizure

An armored car company is suing the federal government, claiming law enforcement agents have illegally seized marijuana dispensary cash the company was transporting.

The Kansas News Service reports that the federal lawsuit, filed by Empyreal Logistics, comes after a sheriff’s deputy in Dickinson County, Kansas, stopped one of Empyreal’s vehicles last year on Interstate 70 for an unspecified traffic violation, and seized nearly $166,000 in cash it was transporting from marijuana dispensaries in Kansas City, Missouri, to a credit union in Colorado.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Kansas subsequently filed a civil forfeiture action against Empyreal, arguing the seized cash was traceable to sales that violated the federal Controlled Substances Act.

That case is pending.

Under the federal equitable sharing program, the federal government shares assets seized in civil forfeitures with state and local law enforcement agencies.

Empyreal says that not a single traffic citation was issued to an Empyreal driver during any of the five traffic stops mentioned in its complaint.