AUDIO: Commissioner of the MIAA Mike Racy Discusses Fall Sports in the MIAA

The MIAA and its member institutions announced a plan to delay the start of all intercollegiate athletic practices until the week of August 31, with the start of competition delayed until the week of September 28. The CEO Council will continue to monitor this plan and adjust it as necessary to protect the health and safety of all involved in MIAA athletics.

Restrictions and limitations on student-athlete and coach activities prior to the August 31 start of MIAA practices will be announced soon.

The CEO Council supported the recommendation to delay the start of all MIAA all intercollegiate athletic practices and competition; however, the group acknowledges that the ability to execute this plan is dependent on our students, employees, and fans demonstrating socially responsible behavior during this public health crisis.  In addition, it is important that student-athletes continue to practice socially responsible behavior to help protect the health of the team.

Hear from Commissioner Mike Racy on why the decision was made, is a split season a possibility, when is the next decision date, how does the NCAA factor in, plus more.