BBB Gives Robocall Tips

“We’d like to speak with you about your car’s warranty.”

It’s such a common robocall, it’s become a punchline.

The Better Business Bureau has some tips for you.

If you’re wondering why you get these calls despite being on the national do-not-call registry, there’s a simple answer.

Scammers don’t obey the law.

Your best response to a robocall is none.

The recording will often prompt you to press a number in order to speak to a representative or to opt out.

Never press a number.

Any response from you tells the scammer that they have reached a working number, which will result in even more calls.

The mere act of answering their call is risky for the same reason: a verified working number will attract crooks like flies to honey.

If you don’t recognize the number, it’s wise to not answer it.

Car warranty scammers are after your money, your private information, or both.