BBB Warns of Vaccine Survey Scam

Did you receive a text with a survey about your vaccine? The Better Business Bureau has a warning for you.

Here’s how the scam works:

You receive an email or text message that claims to be from one of the pharmaceutical companies producing an approved COVID-19 vaccine.

In some versions, the message claims that you will receive money for completing a quick survey.

Other versions offer a “free” product.

Don’t click the link!

The link may lead to a real survey, which upon completion, prompts you to sign up for a “free trial offer.”

Victims reported to BBB Scam Tracker that they entered their credit card information to pay what they thought was a shipping fee.

Instead, the scammers billed them many times more, and never sent the product.

In other versions, the form is actually a phishing scam that requests banking and credit card information.