Better Business Bureau Says Job Scams Are Up

Employment scams are on the rise in the market created by the COVID-19 pandemic, a new Better Business Bureau study finds.

The BBB warns job seekers to verify employment offers to avoid illegal jobs, identity theft, and fake checks to which millions are exposed annually.

Job scams have been a problem for years.

In 2020, the BBB estimated 14 million victims with $2 billion in direct losses related to job scams.

The BBB found that this fraud most commonly victimized people ages 25-34, with women filing 67% of complaints about this fraud.

The median financial loss reported by these victims was $1,000.

Identity theft is a common outcome of job scams, as scammers often steal job seekers’ personal information to open bank accounts to further their fraud.

BBB found 34% of victims provided their driver’s license number, and 25% provided their Social Security number.

Fake checks also frequently accompany job scams, with the BBB finding that 36% of job scam complaints involved a fake check.