Better Business Bureau Warns of Another Scam

The Better Business Bureau is warning about another scam – and this one uses the Bureau’s own phone number.

Here’s how the scam works: You answer the phone, and hear a recorded message claiming to be from Amazon stating there is a problem with your Amazon account.

The message ranges from a fraudulent charge on your Prime card to a lost or damaged package to an unfulfilled order for an iPhone.

No matter what the recording is, the scammers have the same goal: getting your personal information.

The con artists will either ask you outright for your credit card or account login details, or they will request remote access to your computer under the guise of “helping” to solve the issue.

There’s also a twist on this scam.

The con artists are spoofing other organizations’ phone numbers to help disguise their calls and lend them credibility – including the Better Business Bureau’s number.

That means they are probably using other phone numbers too, so watch out.