Betting Could Boom In Sunflower State – a website that promotes the new betting laws in Kansas – recently conducted a survey to see their feelings about the upcoming possibilities of sports betting in the state.

The new law allows each of the four state-owned casinos – in addition to tribal gaming facilities and in-state professional sports teams – to partner with betting operators.

The survey showed that 34.4% of Kansans were either “likely” or “very likely” to wager on sports once the state’s market launches.

On the flip side, 44.9% of those surveyed said they are either “unlikely” or “very unlikely” to bet on sports.

A total of 29% of respondents said they would bet on college sports if it’s allowed by the state, compared to 16.6% that said they’d bet on award shows, 17.7% that would wager on reality TV shows, and 15.6% that would bet on U.S. elections if allowed.