Beverage companies want Every Bottle Back

America’s leading beverage companies – The Coca-Cola Company, Keurig Dr Pepper and PepsiCo – recently announced the launch of the Every Bottle Back initiative.

“Really, the goal is twofold,” said Joshua Baca, SVP of Public Affairs of the American Beverage Association. “Our industry is coming together, because we want to reduce our use of new plastic in the environment. We want to do that by increasing the collection of our plastic bottles, so they can be remade into new bottles.”

There aren’t any special cleaning instructions when it comes to beverage bottles.

“It’s actually pretty simple,” said Baca. “Just make sure your bottle doesn’t have anything in it. Put the cap back on. I think that’s also an important piece, particularly on a plastic bottle. It’s not just the bottle that’s 100% recyclable. It’s also the cap.

Put the cap back on and get it in the recycle bin.

“It’s important that any recycling system, whether it’s policy at the national, state or local level, that consumers have an ability to recycle an array of products, not just bottles and cans,” said Baca. “It
needs to be cost-effective not just for consumers, but for businesses and the communities who operate those.”

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