Beware: FEMA Funeral Scams

Last month, the Federal Emergency Management Agency launched a new program that would provide up to $9,000 for funeral expenses to cover deaths from COVID-19.

Then the scammers appeared.

To apply, survivors need to show documents including receipts for expenses, a death certificate that says was likely caused by COVID-19.

Scammers are contacting survivors, posing as government employees offering to help with the process.

With access to financial information, a loved one’s death certificate and the survivor’s personally identifying information, the imposters are able to pocket up to $9,000 and cause hardship through identity theft for years to come.


  • The government won’t ask you to pay anything to get this financial help.
  • Anyone who contacts you out of the blue and claims to be a federal employee is a scammer.
  • The government won’t call, text, email, or contact you on social media and ask for your information.