Big 12 Football Power Rankings – Week 2

By Brendan Dzwierzynski | @BrendanDzw on Twitter

The on-field product across the Big 12 schedule was exciting this week (for most of the teams, anyway), but the same can’t be said about movement in this week’s rankings. Almost all of the rich got richer and the poor definitely got poorer.

At this point, you can separate the conference into two parts: Kansas and West Virginia, and everyone else. One of those groups is nearly impossible to watch, the other has been fun through the first couple of games of the season. Take a guess which group is which.

1.     Oklahoma (LW: 1) Oklahoma played FCS South Dakota this weekend, so with that in mind you can probably guess how things turned out without needing a full breakdown. It was the first 70-point performance for the Sooners since 2007 and three different quarterbacks threw a touchdown pass (six total). They racked up 733 yards of offense and had three takeaways. It was utter domination, and any other result would have been a disappointment.


2.     Texas (LW: 2) Here’s where the only controversy of the week begins. Texas lost to LSU on Saturday night in one of the best games of the season through two weeks. The Longhorns had no answer for LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, but still looked potent and dangerous in their own right. It was tough to lose that one at home, but they were in the game until the very end against another legitimate College Football Playoff contender. Any lesser showing and UT likely drops, but they did enough to buoy themselves at the No. 2 spot for now.


3.     Oklahoma State (LW: 3) The Pokes crushed another team this week, but the lack of a strong opponent so far is what keeps them behind one-loss Texas still. It’s important to beat up on lesser opponents, but McNeese State doesn’t move the needle in terms of impressive opponents (but, again, in fairness, winning is all that matters). Wins over an FCS team and one of the worst P5s isn’t enough for a bump this week.


4.     Baylor (LW: 4) We can split hairs about schedules and all that, but it’s also good not overlook how fun it is to watch a Big 12 offense pummel an opponent. Baylor has scored 119 total points in the first two weeks of the season for an average margin of victory of 44 points. Their schedule is trash because the Bears never schedule difficult nonconference opponents, but that offense is humming right now.


5.     TCU (LW: 5) No action for the Horned Frogs this week, so they remain at No. 5. TCU will have a fun matchup next weekend in West Lafayette against Purdue.


6.     Iowa State (LW: 6) Iowa State was also off in Week 2, getting a long break before playing for the CyHawk trophy next weekend. Cyclones have a lot of work to do after their Week 1 near disaster.


7.     Kansas State (LW: 7) Another week, another easy blowout for the Wildcats. They haven’t exactly faced stiff competition so far this year, but pitching a shut out is an impressive feat against any team, and that’s what K-State pulled off against Bowling Green. Skylar Thompson was efficient again, helping to lead the apparently dominant K-State offense to another huge win. The first real test for the ‘Cats comes in Week 3, when they’ll travel south to Starkville for a meeting with former wide receiver Isaiah Zuber and Mississippi State. That game’s result could really shake up the power rankings.


8.     Texas Tech (LW: 8) Texas Tech has been handling its business behind quarterback Alan Bowman to start the year, picking up a five-touchdown win over Dana Dimel and UTEP this weekend. It’s almost remarkable they didn’t win by more against one of the worst teams in the nation (and if you’re a gambler that may be a significant critique).


9.     West Virginia (LW: 9) The bottom two teams on this list are going to struggle to scrounge up any more wins this season. West Virginia was blown out (on the road, to be fair) by an SEC team, which isn’t a completely horrible outcome on the surface. Then again, Missouri gave up 37 points to Wyoming a week ago. The Mountaineers amassed just 171 total yards in Week 2, which isn’t going to get it done against SEC teams, Big 12 teams or frankly any team (they play North Carolina State next week).


10.  Kansas (LW: 10) Saturday was an embarrassment for Kansas, there’s no other way to look at it. There are excuses to be made and you can try spinning some aspect of the game positively, but to allow just 12 points and lose at home to Coastal Carolina is nothing short of shameful. The defense has looked solid against two inferior opponents, but the offense has been abysmal. No reprieve from basement status for the Jayhawks.

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