Due to the on-going developments related to COVID-19 the Big 12 Conference previously announced that all team activities whether required or voluntary, including team and individual practices, meetings, and other organized gatherings, were suspended until May 31 and would be re-evaluated at that time. In addition, all conference and non- conference competitions were cancelled through the end of the academic year, including spring sports that compete beyond the academic year. After re-evaluation, the following Big 12 Student-Athlete policies become effective June 1.

Each institution should use its discretion to make the best decision for its student-athletes when determining when student-athletes return to campus prior to the first permissible date to begin voluntary activity.

  1. Noin-person, required team activities of any type, in any location.

  1. No in-person, voluntary activities (e.g., workouts, film study sessions, meetings, technique drills or captains’ practices/OTA sessions) of any type, in any location.

  1. Football: Voluntary on-campus activity is permissible beginning June 15.

  1. Other Fall Sports: Voluntary on-campus activity is permissible beginning July 1.


  1. Basketball: Voluntary on-campus activity is permissible beginning July 6.


  1. All Other Sports: Voluntary on-campus activity is permissible beginning July 15.

  1. Virtual or on-line supervised physical workouts and skill instruction, regardless of location, are not permitted.

  1. All required “virtual” activities, including film study, are limited to eight hours per week in all sports. Only countable coaches may conduct virtual film study, technical discussions, tactical sessions and other non-physical activities. These policies will be revisited and adjusted at regular intervals and as circumstances dictate.

  1. Coaches can recommend written, self-directed workout plans provided  they  are approved in accordance with proper procedures  as  outlined by each institution’s appropriate sport performance, medical and/or athletic training personnel (and in accordance with the NCAA Recommendations on Preventing Catastrophic Injury and Death). Taped demonstration videos on respective workout plans are allowed in order to demonstrate proper form and technique. Institutional personnel may not supervise, conduct or monitor workouts on or off campus.

  1. In-person, on-campus meals and nutritional supplements may be provided pursuant to NCAA guidance. Off-campus nutritional supplements are limited to the permissible items as outlined in NCAA Bylaw

  1. It is fully permissible to provide non-athletically-related support to student-athletes including:

–sports medicine treatments, physical therapy and rehabilitation

–academic support

–mental health and wellness support

  1. It is permissible for institutions to provide student-athletes with apparel and personal equipment that is regularly available to student-athletes when they are on campus for conditioning workouts. The provision of other equipment is not to extend to rental, purchase or arrangement of conditioning or strength training equipment or machines (e.g. stationary bicycles, treadmills, free weights, benches or weight machines) but is intended to allow for reasonable supplies such as stretching band/straps, foam rollers, etc. It is not permissible to provide incoming signed prospects with apparel or equipment until they trigger student-athlete status.

  1. The Big 12 Conference Board and Directors of Athletics will convene regularly to assess changing circumstances and to make shared decisions regarding amendments to the above-listed policies. The policies noted will commence at 7am CDT, Monday, June 1, 2020 and remain in effect until further notice or until additional guidance is provided.

  1. Decisions on the structure, schedule and components of training during the post Pandemic period will be made as circumstances dictate.



Big 12 Camps, Clinics and Other Instruction Policy

Virtual and in-person institutional camps and clinics with individuals are prohibited through August 31, 2020. In addition, athletics department staff members are prohibited from the following: (1) working, volunteering or otherwise participating in any outside camps and clinics with individuals, including virtual and fantasy camps; (2) working, volunteering or otherwise participating with a local sports club; and (3) providing private lessons to any individual. Coaching clinics involving coach-to-coach interaction are permissible.