Bill To Ban Bag Bans Moves Through Legislature

The Kansas Legislature has moved to block local bans, restrictions or taxes on plastic bags or other packaging.

The state Senate voted for a bill that would strip cities and counties of their power to regulate or tax bags, cups, bottles, or other packaging.

The measure would cover not only plastic, but cloth, paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass or foamed plastic such as Styrofoam.

The bill’s backers included the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and groups representing small business owners, soft-drink distributors, and restaurants.

They argued that a patchwork of local regulations would be difficult for businesses to follow.

At least 18 states have blocked local regulations of plastic bags.

Environmentalists argue that plastic bags create extra trash, and long-lasting dangers to fish and animals.

Critics of the bill argued that cities and counties should be allowed to impose the policies their residents want.