Bill to Expand Recognition of Other State CC Permits Advances

A House committee has advanced a bill to expand Kansas’ recognition of other states’ concealed carry permits.

The bill is backed by Attorney General Derek Schmidt, who said in a hearing last month that the bill would help the state maintain reciprocity agreements with other states so that Kansans can carry concealed firearms elsewhere.

The House Federal and State Affairs Committee advanced the bill to the full House.

Schmidt said that when Kansas lawmakers passed a law in 2015 allowing residents to carry concealed firearms without a permit, they removed a provision that required the attorney general to recognize concealed carry permits issued by other jurisdictions.

Schmidt said states had since raised concerns about the lack of reciprocity language in Kansas’ law.

The bill would also allow the attorney general to issue concealed carry permits “if at any time it becomes impractical” for the state Department of Revenue to issue permits.