Black Health Care Coalition Urges Vaccine Acceptance

A group of Kansas City-area medical professionals is leading an effort to persuade Black residents in the metro area to overcome their skepticism and get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Kansas City’s Black Health Care Coalition and a team of Black medical professionals are working to get information about the vaccine to about 45,000 Black residents in the region.

They say Blacks are concerned about the vaccine’s possible side effects and how quickly it was rolled out.

They also noted some distrust of the medical profession because of past controversial medical experiments that were performed on Black citizens, KCUR reported.

Doctor Leslie Fields, board chair of the Greater Kansas City Medical Association, noted the diversity of the study groups involved in the vaccine trials.

The doctors say evidence has shown the vaccine to be safe.

They also say the country won’t be able to defeat the pandemic unless Black citizens participate in the vaccination effort.