Blood donors across the Midwest have been helping keep blood supplies stocked in the areas of the country where Hurricane Dorian has diverted the focus of those residents.

“When severe weather like that is going to hit, people are doing their best to prepare themselves and their families for what could potentially happen,” said Chelsea Tibbetts of Community Blood Center. “Part of that is rarely blood donations, yet, it’s always the blood on the shelf that saves lives. It’s so important that they have the blood supply already there, so once the storm hits, they’re able to properly care for those in need.”

Blood from this area was sent out in advance of the storm. That means more is needed to replenish shelves here.

“We are in a great need for people to help us by donating and rebuilding these stores that are depleted, not only from the Labor Day weekend, but also because we were able to help those on the East Coast,” Tibbetts said.

If you’re donating blood for the first time, or even for the first time in awhile, be sure you’re physically up to it.

“Take care of yourself before you come in to save a life,” said Tibbetts. “Make sure that you’re well rested, that you’ve had plenty of water to drink. It doesn’t hurt to have some salty snacks the night before. That will also help retain some of that water in the blood. It will ensure that you have a much better experience the day of.”

To donate blood or for information on how to organize a blood drive, please call Toll Free: 1-888-647-4040 or visit: