Blood Still In Short Supply

While there has been a significant response to the dire need for blood across the nation, the American Red Cross needs more people to give in the weeks ahead to recover from its worst blood shortage in more than a decade.

Those interested in helping are urged to schedule the earliest-available donation appointment in their area.

Since the Red Cross issued its first-ever blood crisis alert, a surge in COVID-19 infections has further complicated efforts to rebuild the blood supply.

In the Kansas and Oklahoma Region, more than 2,100 scheduled donations went uncollected so far this month, as blood drives were changed or canceled because of COVID cases or required quarantines.

In addition, donors with COVID must wait 14 days after their symptoms resolve or, if they are asymptomatic, after a positive test before giving blood again

People are urged to make an appointment by visiting

Appointments are also available using the Red Cross Blood Donor app.