Board: State Senator’s Letter Caused “Confusion and Concern”

The Kansas board that licenses health care providers has raised concerns about a letter that a physician-legislator sent to doctors.

The Kansas Board of Healing Arts said that the letter from Kansas Senator Mark Steffen carried no legal or regulatory weight, but has caused “confusion and concern” in the medical community, The Kansas City Star reports.

Steffen, who is an anesthesiologist, wrote that health care providers will be shielded from the board’s “interference” in the letter that he sent on Senate stationery.

In the letter, he cites the recent Senate passage of a measure that specifically authorizes doctors to prescribe ivermectin, among other drugs, to treat COVID-19.

But the proposal remains bogged down in negotiations with the House.

The board wrote that nothing in state or federal law prohibits the off-label prescribing of FDA approved drugs.

It said doctors are bound to follow what a reasonable physician would do in a situation.