Bonner Springs Police Track Down False Report

Another lesson in “Just Because It’s On The Internet Does Not Mean It’s True”, this one out of Bonner Springs.

A little over a week ago, a video was shared on social media.

A Black man claimed that a Bonner Springs Police officer had pulled him over, needlessly pointed a gun at him, and used racially-charged language.

Angry phone calls and social media messages came into the police department – some demanding the firing of the officer.

The police began to investigate the claims.

During the investigation, they contacted the original poster of the video to get more information on the incident.

The police pointed out discrepancies in the story, and the poster admitted he had made the story up in an attempt to get public attention.

As it turns out, the poster had not had any encounters at all with the Bonner Springs police.

In a Facebook post, the department thanked members of the public who were civil in their attempts to hold the department accountable.