Candidates Trade Charges in Senate Debate

Democrat Barbara Bollier said that she would not support adding additional justices to the U.S. Supreme Court or vote for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s plan to raise taxes on high-income earners if she’s elected to Kansas’ open U.S. Senate seat.

Bollier made the comments during a televised debate with Republican nominee Roger Marshall, as he described her as too extreme for Kansas.

Marshall has been trying to undercut Bollier’s pitch to voters that she is a sensible centrist by saying her election would help Democrats recapture a Senate majority, and she’d vote with the party’s liberals.

Marshall pressed Bollier aggressively on gun rights, saying she favors confiscating firearms.

Bollier said he was misrepresenting her views, but he pointed to recordings of comments she made earlier this month at a Kansas City-area event in which she praised a 1990’s Australian law passed after a mass shooting that forced the owners of 700,000 guns to sell them to the government.