Change in Program Aimed at Helping Fosters

Thousands of young adults in Kansas who experienced foster care and similar disruptions to home life as children can apply for help through a new pandemic relief program.

The Kansas News Service reports that one key change to law makes people eligible until they turn 27.

Congress passed the law late last year to help young adults who have experienced trauma weather the financial storm brought by COVID-19.

Those who were removed from their homes at age 14 or later, and placed in custody of state foster care, juvenile corrections, or tribal authorities can apply for support through the Kansas Department for Children and Families.

Eligible young adults can get cash assistance, as well as help affording housing, child care, and other daily needs.

The application for that program is available on July 1st.

The maximum needs-based award for college tuition or other training rose from $6,250 a year to $12,000.