Check car seats to keep kids safe, expert says

This week, September 15-21, 2019, is Child Passenger Safety Week. Cherie Sage with Safe Kids Kansas reminds parents that car seats and boosters are one of the easiest ways to keep your child safe.

“It’s a graduation, from the rear-facing to a forward-facing with a harness, into a booster seat that allows for the adult seat belt to fit the child properly and keep them safe and then into that adult seatbelt. We want to see that progression that the kids are restrained appropriately.”

It’s also important to set an example as the driver for your passengers, regardless of age.

“If the driver is seat belted, about 97% of the observed children are belted too,” said Sage. “If that driver isn’t belted, only 30% of the children were belted.”

Having a certified technician check your car seat’s fit is always welcome.

“People don’t read the manual on their car seat, just like they don’t read the manual for their toaster when they buy it,” said Sage. “They want it to be intuitive. The truth is that someone might have a car seat buckled in their vehicle and not know it needs to be locked into place. Maybe the harnesses aren’t as snug. That’s where a technician really comes in as helpful.”

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