Church Wipes Out Over Five Million in Medical Debt

Medical debts totaling more than $5.2 million owed by more than 3,200 families in Kansas and Oklahoma have been paid through a project of the United Church of Christ Kansas-Oklahoma Conference, church officials say.

The church raised $40,000, then sent that money to New York-based “R.I.P. Medical Debt”, an non-profit organization that purchases medical debt at a discount, then forgives the amount owed.

$5,211,729 in medical debt for more than 3,200 families in 76 counties in Kansas and 60 Oklahoma counties was wiped out.

The church does not know who the recipients are, said spokesperson Connie Larkman.

The average amount forgiven per household was $1,612.54, according to the church.

The UCC, based in Cleveland, has 40 churches in Kansas.

The medical debt forgiveness project began in 2019, and has now eliminated about $57 million in medical debt nationwide, according to a statement from the UCC.