City of Manhattan warning of flooding potential Monday and Tuesday

Overnight Saturday, approximately 3 inches of rain fell in the Wildcat Creek basin. This produced minor flooding along the banks and filled flood storage farm ponds and retention ponds to capacity. With the forecast for an additional 3-5 inches across our region, we are asking residents and visitors in Riley County and Manhattan to take the following recommended practices and precautions prior to the next large rainfall event.

If you have questions or need more info please look at the following city and county websites. If you do not have internet, free internet access is available at Manhattan Public Library, located at 629 Poyntz Avenue, from 1 – 6 PM Sunday and 9 AM – 9 PM Monday. You may also call your local emergency management office to sign up for alerts.

· Riley County Emergency Alerts (785) 537-6333
· Pottawatomie County Emergency Alerts (785) 457-3358

· A floodplain map is available at Residents living in areas highlighted in red and yellow should begin making preparations now.

To prepare for flooding:

· Take immediate precautions to protect personal items, critical records and vehicles. ie: move to a friend, rent storage space out of the floodplain, buy or rent enclosed trailers, storage containers of a moving company to store goods, move vehicle to a known dry location.

· Have a way to get notified! ie County Notification system, NWS, USGS, Local radio or TV provider.

· Have a plan to evacuate quickly!

· Have a “GO” kit ready with spare glasses, prescriptions, list of emergency phone contacts if you lose your cell phone or coverage,

· Plan to be self-sustained for 48-72 hours!

· Find alternative escape routes in case the normal roads are flooded!

· Negotiate relocating farm animals to a friend or neighbor who has property out of the flood plain! ​

· Check on friends or neighbors who may have critical needs and have not planned ahead.

Remember “Flood Advisories” are early notifications that a significant amount of rainfall is falling or predicted to continue.

Remember a flood warning means rainfall gauge information has confirmed that enough rainfall has occurred to bring the creek, river or tributary out of its banks and precautions should start immediately!