City of Wichita Sells Over 2,000 Seized Guns

One of the biggest gun dealers in south-central Kansas is the city of Wichita, but it received less than half the proceeds from the sales because it works with several online companies to auction off the firearms.

Since a state law allowing the gun sales was passed in 2015, Wichita has sold 2,082 guns that were seized during a variety of crimes, but were no longer needed because the criminal cases were complete.

The city generated $196,000 on the gun sales that went into a fund that pays for miscellaneous police equipment.

The Wichita Eagle learned that the city received less than half of the $425,000 in total sales the guns generated because the companies that handle the sales take a significant chunk of the proceeds.

Supporters of the practice say it’s no different than police departments selling off other seized property like cars or jewelry.