Clean Up Kansas: KDOT encourages new groups to Adopt A Highway

April is the time for the annual Clean Up Kansas Campaign with the Kansas Department of Transportation. It’s easy to have your group become a part of the state’s Adopt A Highway program.

“There is no cost to a group to participate,” said Kim Stich with KDOT. “We put up the sign. We provide all the supplies. We just ask for your time and effort.”

Any non-profit group that does not discriminate upon the basis of race, religion or gender can join.

“It’s a great community activity,” Stich said. “It’s not a big commitment. We ask groups to clean up three times during the year, most clean up once in the spring, once in the summer and once in the fall at their convenience.”

Members must be at least 11 years old and have adequate adult supervision.

“We don’t allow certain sections to be adopted that aren’t safe,” said Stich. “If there’s too much of a slope to it, or if it’s too close to an interchange.”

For more information, contact the KDOT office in your area. Each office has an Adopt-A-Highway coordinator.