Click It or Ticket ongoing in Kansas

The annual Click It or Ticket seat belt enforcement campaign is underway and it’s all about being ready if there is an accident.

“We’re sharing the road with everybody else out there,” said Chris Bortz with the Kansas Department of Transportation. “You could be the best driver in the world. You’re doing everything right. You’re not distracted. You’re using your turn signal. You’re obeying the speed limit. You’re doing all those things, but you’re interacting with everybody else. Maybe somebody isn’t as familiar with the roadway. You may not be the cause of it, but the fact is, if it does happen, we certainly want you to have your belt on. You don’t get a second chance.”

It’s also possible that you could have a medical issue or some other problem that makes it so you aren’t able to operate the vehicle safely.

“When you get behind the wheel, the point is to get to your destination safely,” said Bortz. “If just by making that simple
effort of buckling up will help you do that, then it’s well worth it.”

Even if your upcoming Memorial Day trip is out of state, you still need to stay buckled up.

“Kansas, along with the other 49 states are partnering with this effort through the federal grant that we get through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,” said Bortz. “You’re certainly going to see enhanced enforcement.”

The campaign runs through June 2nd.