Computer Scam Pops Up In Kansas

Police in Lenexa have gone onto social media to warn people of a scam that’s literally popped up in their city, and could show up anywhere.

The Lenexa Police Department posted on their Twitter account that two residents had been scammed out of over $34,000.

Police say that in both cases, the victims were using their computers when a pop-up window appeared labeled “Windows Support Alert”, supposedly warning them about a security breach in their computer.

It included a toll-free number to get assistance.

The victims called the number, and the scammers told the victims to send money to a “secure” account until the problem was resolved, promising that their money would then be returned.

One victim lost over $25,000 in a wire transfer, and another over $9,000 in Bitcoin.

Police say if you think you have a computer issue, don’t pay someone online.

Visit a local computer repair store, or consult a friend who could assist.