Congressional Redistricting Bill Heads To Court

Two lawsuits have been filed in Wyandotte County District Court on behalf of voters aggrieved by the recent redistricting bill passed by the Legislature. Both sue Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab, the state’s top elections official.

Republicans have defended all of their moves as necessary to make the state’s four congressional districts as close in population as possible after a decade of population shifts.

Senate President Ty Masterson called the GOP map “politically fair,” arguing that all four of the current U.S. House members – one Democrat and three Republicans – would have won reelection in 2020 with the new lines.

The lawsuits argue that Republicans diluted Black and Hispanic voters’ clout by cutting their numbers in the lone Democrat’s district.

They also argue that the new map fails to keep the core of the state’s side of the Kansas City area in a single district.