Constitutional Convention Bill Rejected

Republicans who see the federal government as out of control split, and halted the push in Kansas for a convention of states to propose changes to the U.S. Constitution.

State senators voted 21-19 to send the resolution back to committee.

Convention backers envision a one-vote-per-state gathering that proposes “fiscal restraints” on the federal government and term limits for Congress.

Convention of States Action, a group pushing the idea, says on its website that it wants to “bring power back to the states” from Washington’s “unelected bureaucrats.”

The U.S. Constitution says Congress shall call a convention if the legislatures of two-thirds of the states, or 34, apply.

To call for a constitutional convention, the Kansas Constitution requires the approval of two-thirds of each chamber of its Legislature.

Kansas convention supporters have mustered simple majorities in the Legislature in the past but not two-thirds majorities.