Convicted Ex-Pharmacist To Remain In Prison

A federal judge has denied Kansas City-area ex-pharmacist Robert Courtney’s request for compassionate release from prison, saying he had not demonstrated reasons for reducing his 30-year prison sentence.

The Kansas News Service reports that Courtney pleaded guilty in 2001 to diluting cancer and other medications over the course of nearly a decade.

Now 67, Courtney claims to suffer from a variety of chronic, debilitating health conditions.

He also says he is at risk of contracting COVID-19 due to his age and poor health.

U.S. District Judge Ortrie Smith, the judge who sentenced Courtney to prison nearly 19 years ago, found none of those reasons sufficient to release Courtney from prison.

Courtney is incarcerated in the federal penitentiary in Englewood, Colorado.

Smith noted that the incidence of Covid-19 at Englewood is exceedingly low.

The families of Courtney’s victims were outraged when they learned two months ago that the Bureau of Prisons intended to release Courtney to home confinement.

The BOP eventually backtracked, and canceled its decision.