Coronavirus numbers continue to rise statewide

Statewide, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, grew Tuesday to 1,426 cases, up 50 from Monday. The number of deaths increased by seven to 69.

Nursing homes have been particularly hard, with the Clearwater Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Sedgwick County joining those battling outbreaks. The facility has four cases and one death, The Wichita Eagle reports.

It has a one-out-of-five star rating on the Medicare website that ranks long-term care facilities based on past inspections, citations, and complaints. Facility owner Willie Novotny said the concerns raised in the Medicare inspection had nothing to do with the outbreak.

Meanwhile, a variety retail store in Garden City called Tienda Variedades Candy has been linked to multiple coronavirus cases, and now public health officials are warning shoppers that they may have been exposed there last month.

Projections conducted by the University of Washington have pushed the COVID-19 peak for Kansas out to April 29.  Some communities already are moving to tamp down further on public gatherings, with Manhattan announcing it was closing its pools for the summer.