Corps Of Engineers announces water release from Perry Lake to begin Sunday evening

To ensure dam safety, the Kansas City District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will begin flood water releases from Perry Lake in Kansas beginning Sunday, May 26, 2019 as runoff from rains this weekend are expected to fill the reservoir’s remaining storage capacity.

Water on the ground is expected to cause Perry to rise above pool elevation 920.6 feet and into surcharge operations this evening or overnight.

Releases are expected to start around 6 p.m. on Sunday evening with a release of 1000 cubic feet per second. Releases will be stepped up to approximately 10,000 cfs by Monday morning. Maximum discharge may need to be higher depending on the magnitude of inflows. Once the reservoir pool elevation begins to drop the maximum releases will be held until the pool has dropped below 920.6 feet.

Current estimates suggest that the pool elevation is expected to crest at 921.3 feet. At this crest no uncontrolled releases will occur through the uncontrolled emergency spillway.

Pool elevation is expected to drop below 920.6 feet after noon on Wednesday, May 29; however, this is dependent on rainfall.

The release level of 10,000 cfs is similar to what was released from Perry in June of 2015.

The public should monitor National Weather Service forecasts and follow the direction of local authorities and emergency managers.

As pools at Corps lakes rise, additional personnel including park rangers, maintenance personnel, and engineers from the Kansas City District Office routinely inspect the dam, the spillway, the outlet, and other important structures. These inspections are part of our procedure as lake levels rise to ensure public safety and continued performance of the dam. All dams are structurally sound and are preforming as designed.