Corps to begin releases at Milford Lake Monday

Conditions in the Kansas and Missouri River Basins continue to present challenges for releasing water from the four Kansas reservoirs which are holding high water levels behind their dams: Milford Lake, Tuttle Creek Lake, Perry Lake and Clinton Lake.

Project technicians plan to begin releases Monday, June 3, 2019, with a release of 4,000 cfs: releases from Milford Lake take about six days to reach the Missouri River. By the time the releases from Milford reach the Missouri River, river forecasts indicate flows should have declined more than 30% from today and stages should be four feet lower.

Releases from Tuttle Creek Lake currently are at 30,000 cfs and expect to hold steady depending on whether inflows from rain events cause releases to be increased.

Releases from Perry Lake remain steady at 10,000 cfs. Perry Lake has gradually gained a small amount of space in its flood pool.

Currently, releases are not scheduled from Clinton Lake.

The public should monitor National Weather Service forecasts and follow the directions of local authorities and emergency managers.

As pools at Corps lakes rise, additional personnel including park rangers, maintenance personnel, and engineers from the Kansas City District Office routinely inspect the dam, the spillway, the outlet, and other important structures. These inspections are part of procedure as lake levels rise to ensure public safety and continued performance of the dam. All dams are structurally sound and are performing as designed.