Cougar Caught On Cam in Wichita

A doorbell camera captured video of a mountain lion trotting along a residential back alley in Wichita earlier this week, Kansas wildlife officials confirmed.

Kansas Department of Wildlife Research Biologist Matt Peek said it’s the first confirmed cougar sighting in Wichita, KAKE reported.

The video was captured early Monday morning on Cris Boyle’s doorbell camera.

It shows the large cat padding along the alleyway in the Riverside neighborhood.

The wildcat can even be heard growling as it passes by Boyle’s house.

Wildlife officials have notified Wichita police of the sighting.

Peek said he wanted law enforcement informed so that if someone called in and said there was a mountain lion in the tree, they would take is seriously, because it is possible.

Peek added that there have only been 36 confirmed sightings of mountain lions in the state.